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2 Behold 2

September 9 - October 7

Closing Reception
October 6, 6-9

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Beyond the Surface

Artist Reception: October 13, 5-8 pm
Closing Reception: November 3, 5-8 pm
Show Closes November 4, 5 pm

Caught In A Fantasy

Artist Reception: November 10, 5-8 pm
Closing Reception: December 1, 5-8 pm
Show Closes December 2, 5 pm

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Creating From The Center - A Mandala Creation Workshop

In this fun and enlightening workshop participants will learn how to design individual mandalas as a form of self-expression and personal insight.

6:00 pm

Join us for a fond farewell to Laura Radwell and Kate Childs as they close their show, "2 Behold 2". This is a great time to see their work if you haven't had a chance to come in or missed it at their Opening. Their work will touch your heart!

5:00 pm
Beyond the Surface Artists Reception

Beyond the Surface Opening Show Lynne Adams & Michael MacTavish team up to create a show that will be worth…

5:00 pm
Champagne Friday

Champagne Friday: It’s been a long week. Why not stop in and have a sip of something bubbly as you…

6:00 pm

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