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Celebrating the Magnificence of the Tree

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intimate / infinite

At the cusp of springtime the intimate nature of humankind is kindled and infinite possibilities stretch ahead with summer in sight. Join us for the celebration!

Artist Reception: March 9, 5-8 pm
Musical Celebration: March 16, 6-7 pm
Show Closes: April 6, 5 pm

Art of the Word

We’ll explore and expose different creative avenues that are used to communicate thoughts and emotions with words as the centerpiece.

Artist Reception: April 13 9, 5-9 pm
Closing Show: May 4, 6-8 pm
Show Closes: May 5, 5 pm

Curators & Collaborators

Do you have an idea for a show or collaboration? We're listening.

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Art Salon/#Champagne Friday

Join us as we continue our celebration of the mighty tree. Come see the beauty of the art and hear…

6:00 pm

The months of March and April are at the cusp of springtime, and the intimate nature of humankind is kindled during…

5:00 pm
Art of the Word

We use words to define us, make sense of our world, and to communicate. They bring clarity, purpose, and understanding.…

5:00 pm

"Fiber & Fashion" Opening Reception Fiber and fashion have unique places in the world of art. We invite you to…

1:00 pm

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