A Season of Giving

A Show of Small Works

Artists Reception - December 8, 5 - 8pm
Closing Reception - February 3, 5 - 8pm

The Flow of Life

It’s that time of year when the spirit of giving and sharing abounds. We take time out of our busy lives to stop – even if for a brief moment – to reach out to celebrate one another. It’s the time when families and friends gather together to reconnect and share stories, gifts and love. The joy we find in this season comes from having an opportunity to share our gratitude with others.

It’s a time that serves to remind us of the specialness and importance of our friends, family and loved ones. It’s about remembering who we are at our core; that we are sentient beings that thrive on the acts of give and take, share and receive, that make up our lives. This flow is what makes our lives worth living.

Stay Tuned For Our Exciting Artist Lineup!

Ken Gagne
Susan Weiss Berry
Andrae Green
Volante Design

Sloan Tomlinson
Neal Parks
Wendy Ellertson

Samantha Crawford
Jeff Stauder
Tracy Kochanski
Maryanne Benns

Marguerite Belkin
David Drew Longey
Beckie Kravetz

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