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Closing Reception - October 6, 6 - 9pm

Feeling Figured Into Landscape

This exciting exhibition features abstract landscape works by Kate Childs and Laura Radwell, two artists with two different visions, conjured from within as they contemplate the world without. Kate’s work communicates peace and calm; a sense of quietude. Laura’s work contains movement, hints of changing conditions, and surprising elements. Her surroundings are more ambiguous and weathered than Kate’s more romantic, dreamlike locales. Both paint with oil on canvas and bring to life inner visions that grace the canvas in breathtaking and unique ways.

Two painters, two visions, two sets of sensibilities, and two very different approaches taken to landscape painting. Yet, some overlap in surprising ways.

Kate and Laura both make manifest inner feelings and impressions without the use of props or photographs. Their masterpieces are conjured, arise, and are born from a mysterious tangle of emotions, thoughts, and ideas. What lands on the canvas is a mix of reflections that arise from their contemplations of their outside worlds.

We are excited to have their amazing talents together under our roof! The peace and depth that arise from their work will refreshen your soul and bring a smile to your face. Cider House Media is sponsoring beautiful music and delicious treats. Join us to take in the art, have wonderful conversations, and a lot of great fun! Come see and be surrounded by the beauty…

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