An Excursion
In Color

Closing Reception
September 1, 5 - 8pm

Show Closes
September 2, 5pm

The Wonderful World Of Color

Welcome to the wonderful world of color. If you’re not an artist, a house painter, or a color consultant, chances are you may take for granted the power of color in your life. Color affects us in a myriad of ways – emotionally, psychologically, and aesthetically. Many even believe that there is a healing power to color.

Color is actually an illusion. It’s really all in your mind – it’s how our brain interprets what we’re seeing. The human eye and brain together translate light into color, sending data from our eyes to our brains and telling us what color we see.

Most of us have a favorite color. What’s yours? Why is it your favorite? Does your favorite color make you feel a certain way? There are subliminal ways in which color speaks to us and can actually affect our behaviors and moods.

But what if you can’t see color?  One in twelve men experience this and one in 200 women do. Colorblind people see things differently than those who can see color. They see different depths, tones and finishes. If you had to tell someone what purple looks like, what would you say?

An Excursion In Color drops you right into the wild, exciting world of color. As you look at the art, check in and see what you’re feeling. Peaceful? Distant? Cozy? Happy? Energized? The person next to you is probably experiencing something completely different as they tune into the colors. Each color has its own vibration. That’s its wonderment, beauty, and magic.

With that in mind, dive in and absorb every colorful stroke, highlight, reflection, and response you have. Use it as a study in your own human nature and see how each color talks to you. Be prepared for some very powerful conversations!

Our Artist Lineup

Terry Del Percio
Kim Carlino
Marlene Rye

Brantner Deatley
Sean Greene
Donnabelle Casis

Laura Holland
Lynn Latimer
Mary Witt

Alison Palizzolo
Corinne Cascioppo
Cin Kunz

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