Caught In A Fantasy

Artists Reception - November 10, 5 - 8pm
Closing Reception - December 1, 5 - 8pm

Step Into The Fantasy

You’re sure it’s real. But is what you think to be real, really real? Come explore with us the stretched boundaries of imagination as our artists challenge your senses and play with your mind!

Fantasy can be a discovery, a path, a parallel universe, or machinations of the imagination to escape what we think is reality. Fantasy is where we explore other worlds. These worlds may just be an escape from a reality that may be haunting us, or they may be a place where we discover more about the Truth of ourselves. Perhaps a place where we reach out to our inner child who is welcoming fantasy at every turn. The fantasy world is a limitless place of fun, fright, mind-benders, and self-realization. Allow it to engage your heart as well as your mind.

When we display and share our fantasies with the world, we invite others into our secret kingdoms through precious palettes, murals, videos, costumes, sculpture, drawings, comic books, superheroes, villains, dragons, vampires, and so much more.

As you walk into the fantasylands that we’ve created for you to explore, let your imagination take you wherever it may. Now is not the time to squelch its creative conversations. Now is the time to encourage them as we grow and meld in our day-to-day world that becomes more and more complicated. Our fantasies will untangle our day-to-day web and bring us to a place of balance, flow, discovery, and fun.

Come and escape into other worlds that lead us into a fantasy land, that can make us gasp, that can make us smile. Sometimes the “real” world can become too much; too overwhelming and we just need a break. So just let your mind go as you get caught in our fantasy…

Our Exciting Artist Lineup!

Sloan Tomlinson
Neal Parks
Wendy Ellertson

Ken Gagne
Susan Weiss Berry
Andrae Green
Volante Design

Samantha Crawford
Jeff Stauder
Tracy Kochanski
Maryanne Benns

Marguerite Belkin
David Drew Longey
Beckie Kravetz

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