Closing Reception - July 7, 5 - 8pm
Show closes - July 8 @ 5pm

Celebrating The Culture of the Town of Easthampton

This show is dedicated to celebrating the culture and all that is the charming, burgeoning city of Easthampton. We honor the artists and artisans that represent the valley community in some of the most creative and inspiring of ways.

Easthampton is rich in history, culture, and filled with landscapes of farms, old mill buildings, and unique and interesting people. The signs of the industrial town that it once was are still very evident as the mills are being used in many new and innovative ways.

Immigrants first settled here in 1664 and Easthampton was originally part of Northampton. It broke out on its own in 1785 and in 1809 it was officially named a town.

Easthampton grew primarily around the Manhan River as an agricultural town and then later shifted with the Industrial Revolution when mills and factories were first built in Easthampton. It had its ups and downs over the years through the World Wars and the Great Depression. But each time the town bounced back stronger than before. Eventually in 1996 Easthampton was declared a city, electing its first mayor.

Easthampton is now experiencing another exciting revolution: The Revolution of the Arts. It’s wonderful to watch how the community is opening up to art in many different forms; painting, dance, music, artisan offerings and so much more.

Art and creativity are delivering Easthampton to a new place it’s never experienced before. Because art is so powerful, it’s bringing the communities within Easthampton closer as more and more individuals are sharing their hearts and souls with their neighbors in creative and moving ways.

Easthampton is near and dear to our hearts. If you’re a visitor to Easthampton, please come back often! If you’re a resident: “Howdy Neighbor!” 🙂

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