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Fiber & Fashion

Fiber and fashion have unique places in the world of art. Please stop in for this wonderfully entertaining show as we demonstrate the art of each. Each of the artists is unique in his or her presentations. Fiber, color, and art combine to bring you a show that will spark all of your senses!

Fiber art can be considered both as a new and as an old form of art. The use of fiber materials and the appearance of the woven, knitted, printed, or in other ways treated materials has long appeared in our history. Part of its appeal and excitement is the texture that is added to a piece. Within the eclectic character of contemporary art production, many artists are creating more and more ways to make fiber art come alive.

And where would fashion be without fiber? Even though a designer has to stay within some guidelines for wearability, the artist/designer uses his or her imagination in ways that make the world of fashion an exciting, continual revolution.

Enjoy the dance between the two as you surround yourself with the artistry and dynamics of both!


  • Tracy Kochanski
  • Jennifer Greeke
  • Sharon McCartney
  • Cheryl Rezendes
  • Nancy Meagher
  • Laura Bundesen
  • Jillian Greg
  • Peg Considine
  • Annie Steiner
  • Will Brideau (Jackson & Connor)
  • Eva Camacho
  • Bonnie Sennott
  • Joanne Gold
  • Ken Gagne
  • Betsy Stone
  • Marcella Brown
  • Audrey Hyvonen
  • Andrea Zax
  • Katherine McClelland
  • Anne Brauer
  • Dawn Allen

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