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Elusive. Inviting. Indescribable. Transformative. This is the magic of abstract art. What we each see in a piece of artwork is so subjective; what is seen and felt is all in the eyes of the beholder. What we perceive to be one thing, someone else may see something completely different.

Abstract art does not attempt to represent a true depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colors, and forms to communicate and share a concept; leaving it up to the viewer to discern meaning. It has a way of speaking to each one of us that’s distinct and penetrating while at the same time elusive.

Our hope is to stimulate thoughts and feelings as you gaze upon the beautiful art in our show. A myriad of artists have come together to expand your world in fascinating, brilliant and intangible ways.

Now accepting submissions!

Within the abstract theme, all media is eligible for consideration: all visual arts, painting, drawing,  sculpture, and video. We are open to seeing other mediums as well and considering 3D as well as 2D work. We are very open to many different styles and formats and thinking and creating outside of the box. The show will be up from September 14th until October 6th.

$35 for one up to three images; $5 for each additional image. It is important to read all of the submission guidelines as seen below to successfully complete that submission process.

Thank you! We are excited to see your work!

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