A Tribute to the Life of Denise Herzog

The Magic of Denise

Joy is the quality that we all seek. We look for it in our relationships, in our work and in our play. It’s the driving force behind all we do because when we are in joy we are aligned, fully present, smiling and at peace.

This show is a tribute to a dear friend, Denise Herzog, whom we recently tragically lost. She radiated joy from every fiber of her being. But in our mourning we remember all that she was, all that she brought, and most of all, the incredible joy that she carried with her everywhere she went.

Denise made an impact on our community that will never be forgotten. But what she would want us to remember the most is how special we each are. She went out of her way, in every conversation, to make sure that we knew how unique we are. She had a way of reaching into your heart and touching it with her grace. After talking with Denise, anyone would walk away feeling to be that much better of a person and feeling the joy that she evoked just by being who she was.

We will all deeply miss this extraordinary soul, but it is now our turn to pick up the baton of Joy. This is her legacy and it is up to each and everyone of us to carry it forward into eternity.

The artwork in the gallery will reflect Denise’s amazing qualities, inspiring us all to live in that space of fulfillment and joy.

Also in her honor, we have put together a series of classes that we hope will awaken and inspire a feeling of newness in the new year. You might warm up latent talents or discover new ones as we explore creative writing, yoga, mandala creation and more. Each will also give insight into who you are at your core.

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