New Beginnings

Artists Reception - May 12, 5 - 8pm
Closing Reception - June 7, 5 - 8pm

New Beginnings

In honor of Spring, we celebrate new beginnings with fifteen artists who have come together to share their stories of newness and all that it brings, presented to you in a myriad of forms.

The brilliance of a new beginning is so bright that we can sometimes miss it. It brings a newness that is impossible to escape. We have all felt its excitement as well as its demands, but we have a choice in how we embrace our new beginnings; in how we choose to accept them into our lives.

Every moment is a new beginning. It is a time for a new perspective, new life, new thought, new arising, or a new change. It’s an awakening, a birth, a breath. Even in death there is a kernel of newness.

There is a certain celebration that comes with each new beginning. Some are much more obvious than others. Spring gives a chance to feel renewed and shifted as we slough off the bleakness and cold of winter. But as we are eager to move forward into the promise of spring, it’s important to acknowledge that it was in that precious time of winter that Earth itself was preparing the foundation for its own rebirth.

As you take in our artist’s work, it’s our hope that we can remind you to see and celebrate new beginnings everywhere and to see them in every moment of your life.

Our Artist Lineup

Ann Knickerbocker
Jill Pasteris
Stephanie Oates
Louis Minks

Linda Reul Flynn
Cindy Bayer
JoAnn Denehy
Lori Sheehan

Olwen Dowling
Marty Klein
Suzette Alsop Jones
Therese Delsaunier

JoAnn Denehey
Lennie Appelquist
Elizabeth Appelquist

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