Join Us To Celebrate the Trees!

We dedicate this show to the magnificence of the tree by bringing you the art of 17 local artists using various mediums and styles, paying homage to the beauty of the tree.

Strong, unyielding, stoic, and beautiful, trees show us how to weather any storm. They carry the power to ground us while they provide oxygen, mark the seasons, combat climate change, conserve water, support wildlife, and provide wood, heat and shade.

Our hope is that we can all become more aware of all that the tree does for us. It is quietly giving and giving while we go on about our lives. Let’s take the time now to revere the trees in all of their glorious shapes, sizes, and colors.¬†As they say, an acorn holds the promise of a thousand forests. What could be more magnificent?

We couldn’t live without them. We owe them our lives.

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