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The Wonderful World of Water

Quenching, relaxing, soothing, nourishing, and transforming. Water is the most essential element to life on Earth. We wouldn’t be alive without it! After all, 60% of our bodies are made up of water.

Water has been the subject of paintings, sketches, mosaics, murals, poems, stories, books, and movies for centuries. This is because many turn to the image of water to soothe our souls. Please join us as a group of local artists come together to share their perspectives in an exciting tribute to water – the glorious substance that binds us all.

Please join us at the show’s Opening during Easthampton’s Art Walk on July 13th between 5pm and 8pm. We also invite you to join us at our signature Art Talk event on July 26th from 6pm to 8pm. 

Now accepting submissions!

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