About The Gallery


Art has a way of touching us in ways that are completely unexpected. It builds bridges, relationships and opens us up to discussions within ourselves and with others. Often it provokes us to peer into places within where we normally wouldn’t dare to look. Art sparks magic. Art is in a painting, the spoken word, a photograph, a musical score, a sketch, a dance and in so much more. The possibilities are endless.

#LOCAL was born out of a desire to share these endless possibilities and promote the incredibly talented local artists and artisans who live and breathe art as a way of life. To do that, we will create a multimedia gallery experience with thoughtfully curated, thematic shows. It’s our goal to boost up our beautiful community by sharing many forms of art, expanding minds, and bringing to light new ideas and ways of thinking about art, so we can all grow.

We recognize the importance of bringing people and communities together. Art brings together those who ordinarily would have nothing in common; it can create unification where there was none.

Most importantly, we want to celebrate local. That’s where our heart is. We look forward to the many ways we can celebrate local with you!

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